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December 3, 2012

Welcome Parents!

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we had on Sunday! It sounds like all my little friends were outside playing, because everyone was telling me how tired they were today! Please help your child get to bed early tonight. They need the extra rest today. :)

This week we are focusing on the details of a story. We read "Gingerbread Baby" by our author of the month, Jan Brett. In her story, she uses many details such as stating that the cookbook pulled from the shelf was "well-worn". We discussed that we could infer that the cookbook was not brand new and has probably been used a lot, based on the details Jan Brett used in her writing.

This week's spelling pattern is the sh sound. Ask your child the secret story we've learned about "s" and "h". We're listening for sh at the beginning and end of words.

This week's word wall words are: into, your, which, do, then.

In math we will be completing our chapter on place value. We will have our Chapter 5 test on Monday, December 10th. We are working on reading, writing, and counting up to 120. Students should be able to look at 120 shown in base 10 blocks (for example: 1 flat (100), 1 tens stick, and 3 ones is 113). Some of the new math vocabulary words students have been introduced to are: Greater than (>), Less than(<), and equal to (=). These are very tricky concepts! Please review them at home with your child to prepare him for success on our math test. Thank you!!

We will have math and reading homework Monday-Thursday this week. Please remind your child to complete their homework in pencil and please check their work!

Wednesday is a late start day! Breakfast is from 9:45-10:00. If students are not coming for breakfast, they need to be here at 10:00. 

Friday we will wear RED for the character pillar CARING.


CONGRATULATIONS to our November Character Counts CITIZENSHIP award winner, Keivon!!! We're so proud of your TeRRiFiC behavior!! Keep up the great work!

Last week I sent home a Scholastic Book Order. These orders are due by MONDAY, DECEMBER 10th. I must place the order on that day in order to receive our books before Winter Break. You can order online with a credit card at: www.scholastic.com or by turning in your completed order form and CASH only in your child's folder. Checks are not accepted as they delay the order from being processed and received quickly. Books make great gifts for everyone on your holiday list! :)


Remember to bring in your Baggie Book at least 3 times a week!

Mrs. Burlingame


December 3, 2012

Mrs. Allen

Dec 06, 2012

Juanita Hill and Familynita.nelson@ymail.comHomeStudent / Homemaker

Dec 11, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday to you. I am sorry for not responding sooner. Da'Nia had told me that day and we wanted to get a card for you but something came up. We pray that you enjoyed your day and hope that there are more to come. You are a GREAT teacher. Also, is there anyway you can resend me the link to the blog site again please! Thank you so much.