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Community Consolidated School District 180

Anne M. Jeans


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Burr Ridge 180 Launches Kindergarten Stepping Stones Program in 2017-18 School Year

STEPPING STONE PROGRAM 2017-2018 School Year

All District #180 Students attend full-day kindergarten. Our full-day kindergarten provides instructional practices that support the whole child. Teaching emphasizes and fosters social-emotional learning, which will prepare students for the academic learning experience. Our ultimate goal is to prepare all students for first grade by promoting healthy social-emotional development. Research has provided evidence that in order for children to be successful in school and beyond they must first develop appropriate social skills.

During the first few weeks of school all kindergarten students will be working with each of our 4 kindergarten teachers. Using the State Readiness Measurement Tool, Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS), teachers will observe how each child: communicates, gets along with others, follows directions, follows rules, stays on task, regulates their own behavior, and how they are learning academic tasks. After this time period, teachers will determine which students would benefit from half of their school day in a kindergarten class that focuses on building kindergarten readiness skills. If a child needs more support and direct instruction to be successful in kindergarten, they will be placed in the Stepping Stone Program.

In the Stepping Stone Program, a general education teacher will concentrate on helping children learn social skills necessary to be successful in their academic growth. The kindergarten team and parents will collaborate regularly concentrating on progress and future needs. The overall goal, for our students, is to transition out of the Stepping Stone Program.

This program is a proactive approach between the school district and the parents to prepare students to be ready for first grade. Parent education will be available throughout the school year. 

View STEPPING STONE PROGRAM 2017-2018 School Year information as a PDF.