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Community Consolidated School District 180

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School Safety Resources

School Safety Resources:  

We believe that a student's right to feel safe in school is paramount and contributes significantly to that student's capacity for learning and social development.  In our ongoing effort to maintain a safe learning environment for all of our students, CCSD 180 has developed three new methods of reporting incidents of school safety and/or bullying to school personnel.  We encourage students and parents to utilize these resources to report any incidents of which they have knowledge.  When a message is retrieved by school personnel, the incident will be investigated and responded to accordingly, by social workers, administration, and or the Threat Assessment Committee.

Online Form to Report Bullying or Possible Threats to School Safety:

Click here for Anne M. Jeans Elementary School

Click here for Burr Ridge Middle School

Voicemail to Report Bullying or Possible Threats to School Safety:

Anne M. Jeans Elementary School:  (630) 734-6691 (Coming Soon!)

Burr Ridge Middle School:  (630) 734-6692 (Coming Soon!)

If you require an immediate response, please contact the police.

DuPage County Sheriff's Department:
(630) 407-2400

Burr Ridge Police Department:
(630) 323-8181

Definition of Bullying Behaviors:

These are systematic and persistent behaviors that do not recognize the rights of others.  Bullying occurs when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening or leaving someone out on purpose.  Bullying is not a one-time incident.  Bullying interactions are carried out continually over time.  Actions that are considered bullying behaviors include:

Direct (Face-To-Face) Bullying:

Verbal Bullying- name-calling, mocking, hurtful teasing, insults, put-downs, humiliating, racist or sexist comments, harassment

Physical Bullying- shoves, pushes, hitting, beating up, stealing, damaging property, assault

Psychological Bullying- giving dirty looks, uttering threats, forms of intimidation, extortion

Indirect (Behind Someone's Back) Bullying:

This is also referred to as relational aggression or social bullying.

Gossiping-€“ lowering people's opinions about the student who is targeted as a victim

Social Aggression-€“ telling people not to be friends with a student who is targeted as a victim, spreading rumors, and damaging friendships

Leaving Out- shunning, exclusion

Cyber Bullying- The use of electronic technology as a means of bullying and harassing may involve sending threatening or harassing emails or instant messages, creating a website that belittles or ridicules another student, taking unflattering or inappropriate pictures of another student without their permission and sharing them with others or posting them on an internet site, stealing someone's password and sending mean messages to others